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Phenomenal paintings by some of the art worlds most talented emerging artists. Art of Day features a wide variety of high calber painters like David Mills with a classic American vintage series, contemporary post-impressionist Dennis Velco, expressionist paintings of David Sandum, realist paintings by Stephanie Rew, and the expressionist self portraiture of Jerry Shawback a phenomenal LA artist.
Art of Day Featured Artists -
Featured Artists - The artists we feature each business day are selected from submissions made to the Art of Day website via the Submit an Article web form.  If you're an artist interested in possibly being featured, please use this method to submit your bio, referencees to images, and links to your artist website, blog, fan page, twitter account, or any other social media service you may use.

We will attempt to contact you within 24 to 72 hours informing you that we have received your information, longer if submitted over the weekend. 

The Featured Artist of the Month - is selected at the end of each month from the growing list of talented featured artists.  The artist who receives the most unique views for their article within any given month, gets to be the Featured Artist of the Month on the Art of Day web site.  If the winner was featured the previous month, then their custom header remains on the Art of Day blog, and the artist with the next highest unique views wins the honor.  Remember that any artist featured on Art of Day can be the Featured Artist of the Month, no matter which month their feature was posted.  Additional benefits such as a free custom header for 1 month on the Art of Day blog is provided to the winner(s) as well.
Art of Day is priveledged to present a profound list of fine artists who specialize in 3-dimensional sculpture.  Featuring the artworks of professional stone sculptors Gary Churchman & Elsa Magrey, figurative abstract sculptor Marie-Pierre Philippe Lohezic, abstract metal sculptor Richard Calvin, as well as many more amazing talented artists like professional sculptor Cathie Cordova Oldham and James Day.
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Featuring amazing creative and imaginative illustrative artists like the amazing portrait drawings by artist  Paul Lung, drawing & graphic art by Mark Stewart, professional watercolor artist Kenneth Powers, and the amazing illustrative drawings of Ade Awofadeju - Coldblack. Featuring new artists daily!
Art of Day is proud to feature professional documentary photographer Crystal Street, visionary iphone photographer Jim Purdue, World-class fashion photographer Gavin O'Neil, and the creative digital photography of Chris Bennett.  We're also very pleased to present the incredibly imaginative & fascinating digital photography of Franca Alejandra Franchi.
Featuring Amazing Art Created by Talented Local & International Artists
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Welcome to Art of Day!
Art of Day was created to promote talented emerging and established local & International artists. So far Art of Day has featured well over 300 great artists. We're always looking for new and interesting works of art to feature. ( Submit an Idea )

The art featured on Art of Day ranges from 3D art, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, reliefs, pottery, ceramics, illustration, modern, contemporary, and abstract, to cubism, visionary & surreal art. 

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